Diverse is a innovative cryptocurrency allowing users to send money all over the world in a seconds. Built over resilent code, Diverse offers very attractive Return of Investment (nearly a daily %2) to stakers. Also, it is a fun and affordable entry point to high speculative assets. After suffering hyperinflaction, Diverse has been declared dead as many times as Bitcoin, but chain is still going forward.

Unique and dynamic block rewards

Diverse staking reward system is very unique: every 10 blocks the network will grant you much more diverse than the other nine blocks. This is called superblock.

Hybrid Pos/Pow

Hybrid PoS/PoW system helps to secure the network, and drives the chain forward.

Supported by staking pools

Diverse is as world class asset supported by most prestiguous and safe Staking pools. No matter if you own small or high quantity, pools will help you everyday staking with no worries.

Tech Specifications

Ticker: DVRS
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POW / POS
Premine: [0.5%] 25 million (25,000,000) (nobody knows what happen to this
p2p port=37772
rpc port=37773
Block Time: 2 min till 10,000 blocks, 3 min afterwards.
Minimum stake age: 6 hours
Coinbase maturity: 10 confirmations
Max block size: 2000000

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The active Community gathers around Discord Platform. Diverse languages and topics covered.



Telegram is the on-the-go choice. Mainly english talk. Feel free to join the conversation.


Original Bitcoin Talk Thread

The original bitcointalk thread. The information shown here may seem outdated.


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Supports BTC and DOGE pairs

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